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Now on the East Coast in Maryland – Ace is Proud to Announce that We Are
an Authorized Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub Dealer!

Bullfrog Spas are like no other. With literally thousands of possibilities for customization, Bullfrog Spas offer the most unique, personalized hot tub experience. From choosing you own spa color and shell style, to configuring seating, jets, lighting and accessories, no two Bullfrog Spas are exactly alike.

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Personal Spas Perfected

Owning a Bullfrog SpaEach person is unique. You may want a spa for health reasons, social reasons, or for improving your home. In fact, spa owner’s often express they experience benefits they may not have been expecting from their new hot tub.

There are 16 unique interchangeable Jetpak Therapy System seat packs for the ultimate in home spa personalization…Over 15,500 possible combinations per spa!

You and everyone in your life will enjoy the hot water, soothing massage, and invigorating hydro-therapy provided by JetPaks.

Relaxation Perfected

Hot Tub Stress Relief

Not only is a hot tub relaxing for your body, but you can also relax knowing that your Bullfrog spa is the lowest energy use hot tub of the major brands. That means it costs a lot less to operate daily!

Fitness Perfected

With life’s ever increasing pace, it’s never been more important to create ways to maintain your personal wellness. With a Bullgrog Spa, you can stay loose and pain free by selecting your specific massage seat pack. Whether your goal is to increase circulation, sooth sore muscles, or simply rejuvenate after a long day, your customized hot tub will be just what you need.

Enjoy a family spa from Bullfrog Spas

Family Time Perfected

The most important thing in the world is your family. Yet everything these days seems to be pulling the family away from each other. The activities that go into everyday life – work, school, and even technology – seem to make finding quality family time impossible. A hot tub in your own backyard is something that everyone will love, making it easier to find time to be together. People of all ages have fun in a hot tub. Your family will enjoy having real face-to-face conversations that happen when you’re all relaxing in the hot tub together.

Hydrotherapy Perfected

There quite possibly is no physical therapy that has such a history of success as hydrotherapy. Though doctors and health professionals have developed many types of therapies that help to overcome aches, pains, and illness, none go back quite as far as hydrotherapy. Since the dawn of written history, it is documented that people have relied on the soothing and healing qualities of warm water to improve their lives. In ancient times, natural hot springs provided hydrotherapeutic benefits. Today hydrotherapy is brought to us through science in the form of the personal spa or hot tub. The healing powers of warm water along with a JetPak massage, no spa provides better hydrotherapy than a Bullfrog Spa.

Socializing Perfected

Entertain with a Bullfrog Spa from AceYour Bullfrog Spa is a perfect way to spend time together and relax when you get together with friends. With a multi-color light show and a killer sound system with Bose speakers, you’ll be throwing the best parties on the block. Choose a large 8-seat Bullfrog hot tub and all of your friends can enjoy the relaxing massage and soothing warm water together!

Wellness Perfected

Stress is one of those things happens to all of us. However, too much stress can lead to serious health issues and a shortened or unhappy life. Luckily, the soothingwarm waters and relaxing JetPak massages in a Bullfrog Spa are the perfect way to overcome stress and tension. Give yourself time to sit back and relax in your Bullfrog Spa and you’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you feel. Your stress will wash away and you’ll be ready to handle whatever life throws your way.

Bullfrog Spa Construction

The Hot Tub Perfected

With a Bullfrog Spa, there is 90% less plumbing, which means more power in every seat, and room for more people to enjoy it. EnergySmart fuller foam insulation means lower operating cost than other spas, and its durable 3-layer spa shell means it will last.

Bullfrog also constructs their spas with a lifetime composite EnduraFrame support structure, and the EnduraBase ABS spa tray keeps moisture and pests out.

Choose Your JetPacks for the Perfect Spa

Creating a spa experience that is personal to you is what Bullfrog Spas are all about. Below you will see the JetPack options available, and just what they are designed to do.

Bullfrog Spa JetPack Optionsbullfrog-spa-jetpacks-2bullfrog-spa-jetpacks-3bullfrog-spa-jetpacks-4bullfrog-spa-jetpacks-5bullfrog-spa-jetpacks-6


Bullfrog Spas are all about you and your lifestyle. Our unique SpaDesign software allows you to design your own Bullfrog Spa to fit your needs, preferences, and style. You choose your JetPaks, your colors, your accessories, and your custom options. Build your spa online today! Visit http://spadesign.bullfrogspas.com/


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