Bird Food for Maryland Birds

Ace is the place for the best bird food to attract the best birds.

bird_feeders_buttonWhether it’s cake or plug suet to attract wood peckers and clinging birds, nuts and seed feed to attract titmouse, chickadees and nuthatches or thistle to attract finches, Ace has it all. Our unique and extensive birder sections in our Pasadena and Edgewater stores have the bird food to fit any bird feeder.

Seeds and Seed Blends

Ace sells whole seeds and seed mixes to attract a wide variety of Maryland birds. Ace seed and premium blends utilize seeds and nuts such as: 

Sunflower Seed - Bird Food Sunflower Chips Bird Food  White Millet Seed Bird Food  Nyjer Thistle Seed Bird Food 

Sunflower Seed 

Sunflower Chips 

Millet Seed

Thistle Seed

Cracked Corn Bird Food  Whole Corn Bird Food  Safflower Seed Bird Food  Split Peanuts Bird Food 

Cracked Corn

Whole Corn

Safflower Seed

Split Peanuts

Ace blends our own bird food variety to attract the best and brightest birds in Maryland! Come in to Ace Hardware & Hearth or Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater to learn more about our special blends, including:

Cardinal Candy

A special blend of premium bird food designed to attract bright, beautiful cardinals. This seed blend is clean and offers minimal waste beneath your feeders.

Finch Feast

Finches love Nyger seed! Our special blend of bird seed for finches gives them what they want with minimal waste. Use this blend in one of our finch feeders and you’ll attract bright yellow goldfinches and pretty purple-hued house finches to your yard.

Woodpecker Wowie

If there is one thing that woodpeckers love, it’s nuts! This special woodpecker blend mixes nuts and seeds to attract the prettiest woodpeckers like hairy woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers and red-bellied woodpeckers to your yard.

Chickadee & Clinger’s Charms

Oh so cute! Those little clingers (birds that like to latch onto the sides of trees or hang upside down) such as chickadees, wrens and nuthatches will adore this special blend of nuts and seeds.

Nut & Berry Buddies

Bird food blends that include both nuts and berries attract a wide variety of pretty Maryland birds. Use this blend in one of our squirrel-resistant feeders and soon you will have the best birds visiting your yard.

Bird’s Gone Wild

Much like cats go crazy for catnip, birds go wild for this premium bird food blend! We hope you’re ready because adding this to your feeders may have your little backyard buddies in a frenzy.

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