Bird Feeders for Maryland Birds

Attract the best birds for hours of family enjoyment in your backyard.

bird_food_buttonAce Hardware and Hearth in Glen Burnie and Pasadena, Maryland and Ace Home and Leisure in Edgewater carry dozens of bird feeders including tray and post feeders, hanging feeders, suet feeders and liquid feeders.

We seek out feeders and high quality bird food that will attract even the most elusive of Maryland birds.

Bird Feeder Types

5654_125-hopper_duncraftHopper Feeders

These traditional style feeders are still a popular choice today because of their simplicity and large food capacity. Hopper feeders are gravity fed, so birds will continue to receive food until the hopper is empty. These feeders are designed with a cover to keep the feed dry and preserved so you won’t have to refill it after every rain.

172G_125-tube_duncraftTube Feeders

Tubular feeders are made to be versatile and convenient. Some tube feeders will come with interchangeable fittings that will give you flexibility with different food, but many do not. Keep in mind what kinds of birds you would like to attract when purchasing a tube feeder. Tube feeders are usually very easy to maintain. "Snap apart" assembly makes cleaning and refills an easy chore. Many tube feeders provide a good amount of space between feeding portals to help reduce competition, but also consider the size of the perches. Larger birds cannot land on small perches.

5102_125-mesh_duncraftMesh Feeders

Mesh feeders are used for dispensing larger seeds such as black oil sunflower seeds. Small feed such as small, round millet grains will pour out of it. These feeders are designed to resist squirrel damage and help birds avoid avian diseases. Squirrels can use these feeders, but will be frustrated that they can only pick one seed at a time. Mesh feeders are meant to attract birds that cling because other birds cannot perch on them, which will keep starlings and other larger birds away.

3005_125-platform_duncraftPlatform Feeders

These tray-like feeders allow you to combine a multitude of seeds, nuts and fruits that attract a variety of different birds. A platform feeder should have a large feeding area and a 1-inch rim that prevents your feed from spilling. Because of its design, squirrels and larger birds will use this feeder, and thus it is sometimes used as a decoy to keep these animals away from your smaller feeders.

9537_125-block_duncraftBlock Feeders

Block feeders are made for easy and safe dispensing of bird food in block form. They usually are constructed of a heavy gauge wire or wood. Block food comes in different varieties to attract different birds.

1705winter_125-suet_duncraftSuet Block Feeders

Suet block feeders are constructed of a heavy gauge wire and are made specifically for ease of dispensing suet blocks. The suet block is merely placed inside the feeder and the feeder is closed. The feeder is then placed where outdoor pets are most likely to visit.

7642-125-sock_duncraftFinch Sock Feeders

Finch sock feeders are mesh bags that allow finches to cling to them, while discouraging other birds from stealing seed. They are usually filled with finch food such as thistle seed. The mesh bag allows air to flow through, keeping seeds fresh.

742-125-window_duncraftWindow Feeders

Window bird feeders give us the finest views of wild birds up close and can be easily mounted. Window bird feeders come in a several styles to attract different types of birds. Ace carries a wide range of wild bird window feeders.

Feeders You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Come into any of our 3 locations and you will find bird feeders that you won’t find anywhere else. We work with local craftsmen as well as national manufacturers to bring you the highest quality feeders and bird food. Enjoy backyard birding all year long with bird feeders from Ace.

Get Premium Bird Food to Fill Your Bird Feeders at Ace

Ace Hardware & Hearth’s owner is an avid backyard birder. His quest to attract the best birds to his own yard while minimizing waste lead him to create his own line of premium bird food blends. To see the different varieties of bird food ONLY available at your Baltimore area Ace Hardware stores, click here.

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