Hummingbird Season is here! Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Attracting Hummingbirds to your yardThey may have come a little later than normal, but Hummingbird Season is finally here! These tiny, swift-moving birds are a favorite of homeowners everywhere. And, if you play your cards right, you could attract these delightful birds to your yard!

Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Yard

  1. Hummingbird Feeder: First and foremost, head to your local Ace and purchase a hummingbird feeder. Ace Hardware & Hearth in Pasadena and Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater have extensive birder sections. Be sure to place this feeder in the same spot every year, change the nectar at least once a day and clean inside and around the ports with warm water (soap or detergent is not recommended) and a stiff bottle brush. If possible, each spring install your feeder before insects arrive and before flowers bloom. Finally, hang your feeder in a partially shaded area, direct sun can cause the sugar and water nectar mixture to separate and leak from your feeder.
  2. Hummingbird Plants: Plant a few of the hummingbird’s favorite flowers, including Black & Blue Salvia, Bee Balm, Red Hummingbird Salvia, Cardinal Flower (Red Lobelia), Lantana. All are tubular in shape with a high nectar content. Plants are also great for attracting insects, which are a good source of protein for hummingbirds. Do not use any pesticides on flowers from which hummingbirds feed.
  3. Source of Water: Hummingbirds love drippers and misters. They will swoop in and out of the water with incredible glee.
  4. Pest Control: Bees, Bald-Faced Wasps, and Cicada Killer Wasps are a hummingbird’s worst nightmare. These insects not only hog nectar feeder holes, but they pose a serious threat to the hummingbirds. To help combat the problem, consider buying a feeder with a bee guard or smear a little olive oil around the nectar ports. Some pest, however, should be left alone, like spiders. Keeping spider webs around can help hummingbirds in their search for nesting material.

Want to learn more about hummingbirds? If so, head to Ace Hardware & Hearth in Pasadena or Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater. Both have extensive birder sections. And don’t hesitate to ask our experts any questions you may have. Ace is here to help.

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Plant Fungus Cures and Prevention

Plant FungusBoth experienced and novice gardeners are very aware on the problem of plant fungus. While some are completely harmless, others pose a real problem for vegetables, perennials, annuals, and even lawns. The primary culprit is, unfortunately, moisture. And because we do not live in the desert, there is no way to avoid this moisture, so other measures must be taken.

Plant Fungus Cures and Prevention

  1. Planting: Proper spacing when planting can help prevent fungus. When plants are crowded, they are able to retain more moisture and are thus more vulnerable to plant fungus. If using containers, wash and disinfect them before replanting.
  2. Aeration: Remove thatch with a metal rake to ensure there is enough air circulating to prevent spores from settling.
  3. Watering: Watering your lawn deeply and infrequently can help control fungus, decreasing the opportunities for mildew and mushrooms to grow. Water at the base of vegetables and annuals, like tomatoes and squash, and avoid watering the leaves. This will help prevent the growth of powdery mildew. If the leaves remain dry, mildew will have no place to grow.
  4. Mulch: Apply new mulch around the base of plants each growing season.
  5. Trim: Try to trim the lower leaves of plants to keep them off the ground.
  6. Quarantine: If one plant is infected, it is sometimes best to remove and quarantine the plant to prevent the fungus from spreading.
  7. Fungicides: Of course, one of the easiest ways to control plant fungus is with the right tools, like Bonide Infuse. That is where Ace comes in! Ace Hardware & Hearth in Glen Burnie and Pasadena, and Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater carry a wide selection of garden supplies, including Bonide Infuse. It absorbs into the plant, preventing major diseases – like black spot, dollar spot, rust, brown patch, powdery mildew, leaf spot, and more – on roses, flowers, lawns, trees and shrubs.

Stay alert and treat plant fungus as soon as it happens, preventing it from spreading.

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The Benefits of Native Plants in Maryland

Native Plants in MarylandThroughout our lives, we have been taught to remove Native Plants, opting instead for plants that are common in the nursery industry. These plants are chosen for several reasons, including functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are mass produced and distributed in almost the same way consumer goods are mass produced and distributed. As a result, landscapes across the United States look extremely similar.

Unfortunately, as great as these plants look, many are not suited for the environments we force them into. This means lots of fertilizer, lots of pesticides, lots of chemicals, and near constant watering. Homeowners everywhere are saying the same thing, “isn’t there a better way?”

Well, yes. And it is nothing new.  Native Plants. Native plants take care of themselves because they evolved and adapted to their environments. This is extremely beneficial in so many ways!

Benefits of Native Plants

  1. Low Maintenance: Native plants have long ago adapted to their geographical location. Because of this, they require far less attention than other plants. This means little to no watering, and no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.
  2. Better for the Environment: Because native plants do not require pesticides and fertilizers, they are much friendlier to the surrounding environment.
  3. Save Water: On the East coast, 30% of water consumption goes to plants and lawns. Native plants will help cut back on water consumption.
  4. Save Money: Native plants require far less attention, far less water, and no chemicals. All of this adds up to more money in your pocket.
  5. Song Birds: The song bird population has dropped a dramatic 5-10% annually. One of the main reasons is a lack of natural habitat. Adopting native plants can help sustain the song bird population.
  6. And Much More!

Native Plants to Maryland

  1. Achillea millefolium, more commonly referred to as Yarrow, Milfoil, or Western yarrow
  2. Acer negundo, more commonly referred to as Ash-leaf maple or Box elder
  3. Coreopsis verticillata, more commonly referred to as Threadleaf coreopsis, Whorled tickseed, or Whorled coreopsis.
  4. Lonicera sempervirens, more commonly referred to as Coral honeysuckle, Trumpet honeysuckle, or Woodbine.
  5. Magnolia tripetala, more commonly referred to as Umbrella tree or Umbrella magnolia.
  6. Phlox divaricate, more commonly referred to as Wild blue phlox, Lousiana phlox, Blue woodland phlox, Sweet William, or Wild sweet William.
  7. Quercus rubra, more commonly referred to as Northern red oak.
  8. Rhododendron prinophyllum, more commonly referred to as Early azalea, Roseshell azalea, or Woolly azalea.
  9. Quercus coccinea, more commonly referred to as Scarlett oak.
  10. And more!

For a full list of native plant species suitable for planned landscapes in Maryland, Click Here.

Visit Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater for Native Plants in Maryland

We have a great selection of native perennials, trees and shrubs at Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater. Our experts will help you determine the right products for your unique needs.

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